Hello!this post is part of The Creativity Project that i am part of with some lovely and talented woman photographers.each month on the 10th a theme is chosen for my luck i don't have any of my previous photos to show here but you can view them on our Facebook Page.this month theme is Bokeh.i kind of fall out short on this month i been so busy lately and the weather has't play nice.

Now head over to Buckeroomama to view her wonderful take on this month theme.make sure you click the links to continue through the circle and view everyone outtake.


  1. I love this! The photo and the quote are perfect!

  2. I Like these so much Katherine. very niiiice!

  3. I love these! Simple and yet so perfect! BTW - I love that song :)

  4. I love the quote you chose to go with the photo... perfect! :)

  5. I love that song. So much.
    And I love your pictures.
    You see the world in such a fantastic way!


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