I would randomly take pictures of nothing in particular. How else could you record life as it happens? ~Simon Van Booy

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Moya | Portrait

Hello! this past weekend i been trying to test my portrait here and there i be so nervous to do so my hand be shaking everytime i be so confuse on what or how to do things specially one editing (:

Good thing i know couple of beautiful female friend who are willing to be my test models. meet Moya she was so shy at first but than i kept being silly and making her laugh that she stop noticing the camera.

Now i see why a lot of photographer out there love working with people its fun and knowing that you put a smile in someone face is amazing. is good to come out of my comfort zone every now and than.

The hush comes with the deepening of Autumn; but it comes gradually. Our ears are attuned to it, day by quieter day. ~Hal Borland

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The Creativity Project | Faceless Portrait

This month we're gathering on the creativity project and this month theme is faceless portrait I had this post all plan out but once again time beat me i could't get things set the way i wanted so here are some insta to the rescue. ENJOY!

Now please head over to Erica Freitas check out her wonderful take for this month theme also make sure you click the links to continue the circle and view everyone outtake.

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Santy | Portrait.

A friend of mine ask me if i can take photo of her that will represent her new life. i'm kind of not the people shooter i still need to learn a whole lot but she told me she did't care she will love them anyway i was nervous on how they would come out at the end we had a blast here is some photos of that day.