I finally got some me time and decided to come around and do a little blogging i really feel like giving up on blogging it don't feel as before i had fun when i first open my old blog and with this whole problem i had last year with my blog missing and switching from blog to blog i move to this blog and my post now started to be boring and i just post one photo and don't blog for days or weeks.i just feel like i post just because i have to not because i want to when i first started blogging it was fun now the fun is gone.

does this happen often? to bloggers out there when you just want to give up or start fresh.

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Can't you believe today mark the first year anniversary of the creativity project and in honor of this special day we're posting our favorite theme from last year my favorite will be (bokeh) and to celebrate our first year anniversary we are giveaway $25 Photojojo gift card our way to say thank you for all the support.

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Now head over to life with kaishon check out her wonderful take we also have a special quest Joseph H Davis Jr who is joining us this month.make sure you click the links to continue the circle and view everyone outtake.

Sign of spring we finally get to see some sign of spring i just wish the weather will be nicer.today is my son birthday i can't believe he turn 16 WOW time do fly it feel like he was born yesterday.

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