Moya | Portrait

Hello! this past weekend i been trying to test my portrait here and there i be so nervous to do so my hand be shaking everytime i be so confuse on what or how to do things specially one editing (:

Good thing i know couple of beautiful female friend who are willing to be my test models. meet Moya she was so shy at first but than i kept being silly and making her laugh that she stop noticing the camera.

Now i see why a lot of photographer out there love working with people its fun and knowing that you put a smile in someone face is amazing. is good to come out of my comfort zone every now and than.


  1. I think you are really doing great, Kath! I love that you are able to shoot so much emotion.

  2. These are great!!! and your doing a great job! She is beautiful! It looks like she got over her shyness well. LOL! Great job! Kath!


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