Hello! today we're gathering on the creativity project this month theme is Men in our lives. I live in a house full of mens (young) mens on my daily days its chaos sometime you will catch me pulling my hair and screaming my lungs out being the only girl in a house full of mens is no picnic is a lot of work but at the end of the day there is laughter and a lot of love to go around.

(my sons luis on the left and angel on the right)
(my sons orlando on the left and jose on the right)

"In honor of Father's Day i would like to send lof of hugs to all fathers out there and wishing them a wonderful Father's Day."
(my father on the left and hubby on the right)

Now please head over to Scarlett check out her wonderful take for this month theme.also make sure you click the links to continue the circle and view everyone outtake.

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  1. Wow! I didn't realize you had 4 boys :) You must love being the queen of the castle!

  2. Beautiful black & whites!!!!

  3. You captured these images so perfectly Kath! LOVE the picture of your little men. And your husband. Awesome. Great shot.

  4. You are the Queen Bee, surrounded by your boys! :) When I was pregnant with Z and didn't know that she would be a girl, I thought that I wouldn't mind if we got another boy, because then I could be a Queen Bee. ;p

  5. maybe its time to try for the girl ; ) 5th time is a charm lol


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