Where did the time go? summer is coming to a end and we haven't been out to enjoy it.today we gather on the creativity project this month theme is Water i leave you here with some Instawater i gather from my instagram ENJOY!.

Now please head over to Joseph check out his wonderful take for this month theme.also make sure you click the links to continue the circle and view everyone outtake.

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  1. Love your water shots!

  2. You always come up with images that look like art : )
    You are awesome.
    Thank you for all you do to make the Creativity Project great.

  3. So beautiful, I love the calm feeling these images give me. I can imagine just standing close and be part of that serene moment. Thanks for sharing these with us !

  4. Beautiful shots all, but the one that pulled me in was the one on the bottom left... there's just something about it that just drew me in.


i appreciate all your comments, thank you so much! if you have a question, feel free to contact me .

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