I'll be taking a break for a while my motivation to blog is not the same as before and right now i really haven't had the time to use my camera.this blog really is not what i really wanted and if you been around you have notice my post always mention the same thing over and over.

Would i come back to this blog or blog some where else i'm not even sure as yet.


  1. Oh no! Taking time off. My advice would be to shoot whenever you can. Shoot every day. Shoot the kids and the neighborhood. Shoot what you think might not be that great, because other people might find joy and fascination when they see it. Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. And post your pictures. The more you share, the more you learn. Sending love on this rainy day in the city.


i appreciate all your comments, thank you so much! if you have a question, feel free to contact me .

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